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Berkshire County Spring equals adventures New England Style

Monday, March 24th, 2014
berkshire county property for sale

Berkshire County New England living.

Spring in the Berkshires!   Take a moment to experience Berkshire County living through these articles and photos from Western Massachusetts.  We invite inquiries about Berkshire County and the properties for sale in the Berkshires.  We are a locally owned real estate agency in business for more than 40 years.  Our agents offer excellent service with attention to your needs.  Call us today if you are considering moving to the Berkshires.

Berkshire County Spring is in the air and the living is good!

New York Times article about filming “The Judge” in Berkshire County, Western MA.

Mystery New England Village!BambW

Bridge of Flowers

The Clark Art Museum where Monet lives.

Broadway Berkshire Style.

Earth Day in the Berkshires- Celebrate all of April 2014





Berkshire Real Estate Agent Williamstown MA|Kevin White

Friday, August 30th, 2013
cable mills condominiums williamstown ma berkshire condominium

Kevin White Real Estate Agent Harsch Associates and Director of Sales for Cable Mills Condominiums in Williamstown MA

Real Estate Agent | Broker in Williamstown MA.  Kevin White joined Harsch Associates to direct the sales of the new Cable Mills Condominiums on Water Street that are being developed by Mitchell Properties of Boston. While Cable Mills remains Kevin’s focus, is also available to clients buying Berkshire County properties or selling their Berkshire homes.

Williamstown Real Estate Agency Harsch Associates

View of Williamstown from the Taconic Golf course in Williamstown.

Having moved in the spring of 2008 from Montrose, Colorado to settle near his brother and sister-in-law who also “discovered” Williamstown MA , Kevin White has returned to his New England roots.  He continues his career as a real estate agent at Harsch Associates.   Having spent eight years specializing in preconstruction residential and land sales, Mr. White is a perfect match for Cable Mills and Harsch Associates. Kevin had options of where to place his license but acknowledged that the sheer professionalism of the organization and its associates and employees, plus the very advanced marketing tools including the state of the art web site were the reasons for settling with this firm.
Kevin’s most recent project was in Montrose, Colorado at the Cornerstone development.
Prior to that Kevin was in Palm Springs and Houston where he was involved in preconstruction condominium sales. Before entering the field of real estate, Kevin worked for various diagnostic medical equipment companies in sales and sales management of ultrasound, x-ray, and bone densitometry products.
Kevin originally grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts and so coming to Williamstown was like coming home. “I had forgotten just how beautiful it is in New England and particularly the Berkshires and it’s really nice to be closer to family members again.” says Kevin about his decision to relocate to the east and settle in Williamstown to continue his career in real estate.
condominiums for sale berkshire county massachusetts

The view from Cable Mills a planned condominium development in Williamstown MA. Kevin White is sales director and can be reached at Harsch Real Estate.

Kevin enjoys golf, travel, food, and wine. He looks forward to meeting area residents and newcomers alike, and would be happy to assist in any of their real estate needs.

Williamstown Real Estate agency announces Donation Recipients

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Harsch Associates Real Estate is pleased to announce the Spring 2012 recipients of the real estate firm’s Charitable Gifting Program.Berkshire county charitable contribution


Harsch Associates sets aside 1% of its gross pretax income from each sale and the buyer/seller chooses their favorite charity organizations to receive the money. Listing property or buying property through a Harsch Associates Real Estate Agent ensures your

Thanks to Harsch Associates’ clients

favorite non-profit organization will receive direct support .

The spring 2012 recipients are:

Berkshire Family and Individual Resources,

Berlin Central School District,

Children of Fallen Soldiers,

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,

Ecu-Health Care,

Flying Cloud Institute,

Greylock ABC,

The Haiti Plunge,

Hancock Volunteer Fire Department,


Humane Society,

Little Red School House,

Mount Greylock Soccer,

North Adams Ambulance,

Northern Berkshire Community Action,

Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity,

Northern Berkshire Santa Fund,

Williamstown Cal Ripken Little League,

Williamstown Village Ambulance,

Williamstown Community Chest,

Williamstown Elementary School,

Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation,

Williamstown Youth Center.

Everyone at Harsch Associates extends a sincere thank you to all of our clients.

Williamstown MA Harsch Real Estate


Harsch Real Estate Friends Find It Faster

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

We have some Berkshires Advice.  Go North!  There is GOLD in those hills!  Northern Berkshire County is a golden treasure chest of great home buys!

harsch real estate

Friends Find It Faster- Click to Like

Berkshire Real Estate

Summer in the Berkshires

“Go North” was once the resounding cry of the Alaskan Gold Rush days.  Gold was to be found in the Alaskan Mountains. The same is true of  our Northern Berkshire properties and towns.  When you are willing to drive just a little farther you find some of the best Home buys in the Berkshires.   North Adams Real Estate, Williamstown Real Estate and Adams Real Estate along with Hancock and Lanesborough Real Estate offers  some of the most affordable and some for the most enjoyable locations in New England. 

Find your PEACE of the Berkshires here in the northern part of Berkshire County MA along with one of the most beautiful and serene environments in New England.  To get our latest news and laugh at our office dog telling about his work day visit our Facebook page by clicking the Icon.

Do you want to buy a home but feel you just can’t right now?  Do you have a home that has been for sale way too long?  Then take a short minute and read our blog on how to achieve the goal of buying a home in a great market or selling your home for the best price.  Read more….

We offer three more virtual tours this week.  Our tours feature commercial property and homes in North Adams.  Take a moment, sit back and relax and watch with us as we walk through some very affordable business opportunities and home getaways in the Berkshires.

Are you an entrepreneur who sees opportunity everywhere?  Do you need a great place to start a business whether a net business or professional services? 

North Adams is a thriving community where MASS MOCA and MCLA along with Berkshire Community College and Northern Berkshire Healthcare reside. 

We have a great Victorian circa 1901 Home that is now a Berkshire commercial property available for a great price.  Take a Virtual Tour Now.

Are you just starting out and want your own North Adams home?  You are unique and your decorating personality is just as unique.  Your comfort zone should most certainly be your home and we have several great starter homes where you can begin the journey to creating your own “take a breath, you are home” story.   Come to Massachusetts Ave, North Adams

Are you looking for summer Berkshire home to escape the heat  and humidity?  Want to come home to the Berkshire County MA mountains for the summertime where the living is easy and you can go to a different cultural event every night or weekend all summer long and come home to relax by your pool in the evenings for less than $330,000? Then tour this home Swimming Pool, Deck and more delights!

Do you want lots of room for lots of family or just the herd of pets you love and care for?  Then this North Adams MA home is your dream come true for a very UNBELIEVABLE price!  Previsit this great buy

We hope you have enjoyed your Northern Berkshire properties tours and will call us at 413-458-5000 to make offers or make appointments to view other properties in the Northern Berkshires.  Shop our full service website and save some favorite homes.  We look forward to providing you with exceptional service!

Harsch Real Estate service is excellent

35 years of Excellent Service in the Berkshires

Best Regards!

The Harsch Team of Real Estate Agents

3 Magic Words to Sell or Buy the Home you Want

Friday, May 6th, 2011
Make an Offer

Make an Offer- I'll Consider it- 3 Magic Words

Is there a rule of thumb in the Berkshire Real Estate  market for how much below the asking pricea potential buyer should initially offer for a listing? 10 percent below? 20 percent below?

This seems like an easy question, but unfortunately quick fix answers will  not work in the Williamstown MA real estate market.   The magic words to begin the process of negotiation are “make an offer.” The truth is that there will be number of factors at play you are not aware of , no matter where in Berkshire County or Williamstown  MA the home is located, no matter who the seller is and no matter who the buyer is.  Getting to the bargaining table is a poker game in the beginning.  Throwing down your cards and walking away means you lose without a doubt.  Staying in the game means you may sell your home or buy the one you want for a great price.

For a seller the three magic words are “I’ll Consider it.”    Consideration is the beginning of negotiation.  Negotiation is a poker game taken to the highest level.  Taking a hard line on any offer is unwise as another offer may not appears for many years.  A Williamstown MA seller is competing with thousands of homes suddenly available in the Berkshires.  Historically during the period of 2004-2007 Berkshire County and Williamstown Real Estate were undoubtedly  HOT second home housing markets and Western MA, Berkshire County was the place to be for executives, stockbrokers, and those in the upper income brackets who lived in New York or Boston and summered in the Berkshires.  The Stock Market was hot, the Real Estate Bubble was growing, fixing and flipping properties was a viable career option for college graduates in mid 2000’s.  Wages and bonuses were high and America was coasting along a financial pinnacle path that has since become unsustainable. 

The vital and most important thing to remember is that the simple rules of supply and demand usually prevail. If it’s an attractive Williamstown MA property at a a below market price, there will be competition for the property.  Competition is the Williamstown Ma Home Seller’s BBF (best friend forever).   Pricing a minimum of 10% lower than your neighbors means your property will get rapid attention and probably sell quickly and you will get closer to the initial asking price.

A new home to the Williamstown MA housing market with a price 10% below its Comparative Market Value ( new=on the market for less than two weeks) is likely to get multiple offers if it is attractive and the sellers are willing to entertain any and all offers.  Keep in mind we stated “entertain” which does not mean accept.  This is not the time to take offense at low and outrageous offers.  It is the time to use the three magic words “I’ll consider it.”  

If  the Williamstown MA property has been on the market at the same price for two months or longer, the uninformed buyer’s agent will most likely recommend that an offer of 3-5% below the asking price be offerred.  We recommend to our buyers they consider offering 8 to 10% below asking not unusual for a market where thousands of Berkshire Properties are for sale.   Even if the property is great often we can spend a few hours crunching numbers and recent sales after which we can show hard data supporting a much lower price.  Keep in mind this is the advice a buyer’s agent is giving to their client.  You as a seller now have an insider’s peak into how the offer process works.   

This is the point in the transaction process when the seller’s agent and the seller will be called upon to use all their negotiating and social skills to reel in the buyer to get to the negotiating table.  This is the time for a level head and cool poker face and a willingness to “consider it.”  Keep in mind “consider it” does not mean acceptanceof a ridiculous offer.  “Consider it’  means only that “you will think about it and get back to the potential buyer and their agent”.  Think carefully about what you are willing to give to the buyer in lieu of lowering the price and what you can give to the buyer to make the property worth more to the buyer.  Using a skilled seller representative will be the vital key at this point in the process.  You are fishing for a buyer and you will need all the skill you and your agent possess to land a qualified buyer and then get them to the closing table.

The worst thing that can happen is the buyer will say no to your first counter offer.  The best that can happen is the buyer will negotiate further up than he or she would have liked and you’ll increase your selling margin.  Either way the chances of a sale increase the more negotiating skills the seller’s agent has.   The take away from this conversation if you remember nothing else is to repeat the three magic words before you respond to any offer for your property “I’ll consider it.”  And for any buyer the magic words remain “make an offer.”

Home Newsletter April 2011-House-onality Quizzes

Friday, April 1st, 2011



Harsch Home Newsletter jpg

Home Newsletter free at local businesses in Williamstown

Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate is and has been your Source for Solutions, Service, and Stability in the Berkshires for 35 years. 

Welcome Home to Harsch!

Love personality quizzes???  You will absolutely adore the 10 House-onality Quizzes we gathered to help you find the perfect home.  Share our blog page with your friends and then laugh together as you share the results….  House-onality quizzes

Spring is here!  March Madness is upon the Berkshires and here at Harsch Associates we are beginning a new feature- Video Blogs with Tips, Topics and Takes on Real Estate in the Berkshires. 

Quick and to the point face to face info you can use today.  We call it “In A Real Estate Minute.”

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of FSBO (for sale by owner) .  Should you try it?  read more

Want to watch the video blog instead of reading the story about For Sale By Owner, then watch more

Did you know that there are actually FOUR different prices you can put on your home depending on what the appraiser says?  read more

Want to watch the video blog instead of reading about the Four Different pricing strategies?  Then watch more

Spring is the most active time for listing your property on the market.  We offer 7 fast tips on getting the attention of buyers NOW!  read more

Want to watch the video that shares top tips from home appraisers on how to get the attention of buyers?  Then watch more

Welcome to Spring and Mud Season in the Berkshires.  We are here to sell your Berkshire Home or represent you as a buyer when you purchase your Berkshire Home. Call us and let us share the unique features we can offer YOU.  413-458-5000

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Berkshire Real Estate Agent Facilitation Brokerage |What is it?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011



Anyone in Williamstown or Berkshire County who expects to collect a fee for selling real estate in Massachusetts MUST be Licensed in Massachusetts.  A large percentage of real estate licensees are members of the National Association of Realtors (registered trademark), the trade organization of the profession.  Only members of the National Association of Realtors and the state and local Boards may participate in Multiple Listing Service and the Information Data Exchange.

Licensees must assist the public in one of the following ways in Massachusetts: Buyer Agency, Seller Agency, or Facilitation.  It is very common for clients to sign a working agreement with a licensed real estate agent and under law, licensed real estate agents must provide a disclosure form to members of the public with whom then intend to work upon first meeting to discuss a property or upon first meeting to discuss creating a working relationship.

Agents or those real estate licensees procurred as Buyer’s agents or Seller’s Agents have a duty of ABSOLUTE faith to the lawful instructions of their Principals (similar to employer in some ways).  The licensee must follow strictly the  guidance of the client and advocate only for the client’s interests above and beyond all others.  Creating an agency relationship with a licensee also creates what is called vicarious liability for the principal (you the client).   You are responsible by virtue of creating an agency relationship for what your Real Estate Agent does on your behalf.  Should your agent inadvertently state a false fact or otherwise perform a misdeed in the transaction then you are responsible for the resulting liability.   You may also be responsible for other agents if your own agent assigns “showings” to another agent in the firm during the time you have agreed to agency representation.   You should read and understand fully any document your agent asks you to sign.  If you are unsure of the liability involved consult with your attorney before signing an agreement.

Facilitation brokerage does not create an “Agency” relationship and thus removes the risk of vicarious liability from the client.   In the facilitation brokerage agreement the Real Estate Agent has a duty to treat both parties (buyer and seller) fairly and equally providing complete disclosure to both parties involved in a real estate transaction.  The information provided to both  parties allows the clients to make decisions based on full and equal disclosure.  The real estate agent acting as a facilitator has the same  legal obligation to the client in regards to trustworthiness, accountability for all funds, and full disclosure of known facts as any other licensee in the State of Massachusetts.

The majority of buyers and sellers want competent assistance with what is a relatively complex transaction of considerable financial importance in their lives.   A seller wants to sell their property for the best price and a buyer wants to buy a property for the best price.   Both the buyer and seller are working toward the same goal.  A facilitation agreement allows full disclosure to both parties of the same information, requires that the facilitator be neutral in the transaction, and that every effort is made to bring all parties to the closing table in a mutually agreed upon and satisfying price for both seller and buyer.   No adversarial activity is required or encouraged in a facilitation transaction, in fact the goal of facilitation is  closing the deal with EVERYONE content that the best outcome has been achieved.

10 Personality Quizzes | Which house personality are you?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011
house quiz

House-onality and Personality- Take the Quiz

Harsch Real Estate of Williamstown MA gives you links to help you find your House Personality with online Quizzes.  With so many Berkshire homes and decorating themes to choose from the average Williamstown or Great Barrington home buyer can become overwhelmed.  How can you decide which Berkshire County house will fit your personality best?  We went online to check out a few quizzes which will get you started in the right direction.  Happy House-onality Hunting! 

This quiz allows you to draw a house and then provides you with an analysis of your personality.  Artistic skills aside you can learn alot about what you want and desire in life by doing this simple drawing quiz and then save it and compare it with what your friends drew.    Draw a house 

  Are you or your kids into Harry Potter?  You may not have a magic hat to help you find that perfect home so maybe this quiz will point you in the right direction.  Take the Which Hogwarts House are you quiz and find out where you belong at Hogwarts Academy.  Don’t worry they have no final score that indicates you are a muggle. Go for it! 

Do you want to know about what your choice of home says about your relationships?    You and your significant other live and love together everyday.  Wouldn’t you love to know what your lifestyle says about the home you choose.  Find out now!  You can take this quiz. 

What is your color personality?  Are you a spring, summer, fall or winter or a multi-season color person.  Why waste time on the fuschia ombre mushroom color if you actually would be more satisfied with chocolate mocha brownie beige.  If you want to refine your color choices before you paint or decorate, take this quiz from House Beautiful. 

Designing woman or man?  You have a flair for making a statement don’t you?  We thought so.  Take a home decorating personality quiz at this site to learn your Design Personality. 

THE Royal Wedding of this century is coming up.  We are all awaiting the extravaganza with delight and curiousity!  Where will the prince and princess live?  Heck, where would you live best if you were one of the Royalty? Which Royal Palace is your Dream HOME?  You can get the answer by taking the Palace quiz. 

We all have a passion and vision about what we will accomplish in life and where we will live in order to accomplish our goals.  Ideally we all would nest in a home that projected who we are and what we believe in.  So why don’t we?  Well maybe we just don’t know what our ideal nest looks like.  What is your IDEAL Dream House?  You can find out now by taking this quiz. 

 What is your personality?  Zany, serious or impulsively joyous, you name it and we can  find it.  Personality and Home can be a statement of what you are passionate about.  House plus personality gives you your Houseonality profile.  Take this quiz before you home shop. 

Do it yourself.  Lowes, Home Depot and countless online UTube instructional videos want us to “Do It Yourself.”  What is your “Do It Yourself” personality?  Take the DIY quiz to decide whether to build that deck by yourself or NOT. 

Fashion week is coming up in Paris and New York.  The world would be boring and so much duller without the fashion mavens who direct our hemlines and color choices.  Which Fashion House (Dior, Gucci or Betsey Johnson) suits your personality?  Take the Fashion House quiz to up your fashionable quotient.

Now you have ten different personality and house-onality results.  Ready to begin your search for Berkshire Real Estate?  Give us a call and we will match you with the home your desire.  413-458-5000  Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate. 

Homes Sweet Berkshire Homes- Buying a Second Home

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Second Home in the Berkshires

Home Sweet Berkshire Country Homes

Despite economic challenges over the past year, consumers continue to invest in Berkshire and Southern Vermont second home properties. Many Americans purchase second homes either as vacation retreats or investment properties. According to the National Association of Realtors® 2010 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey, vacation-home sales rose 7.9 percent to 553,000 last year (2009), up from 513,000 in 2008.

Prices also rose. The median price of a vacation home was $169,000 in 2009, compared with $150,000 in 2008. Paul Harsch  (Broker and President) of Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate says “Berkshire second home purchases are typically influenced by lifestyle or financial considerations.  Clients who shop the real estate offerings in the Berkshires are typically well educated and looking for both cultural activities and recreational activities within a few minutes of their second home.”

Consumers continue to appreciate the value of homeownership – so much that many of them own second homes, either as vacation retreats or investment properties.  In addition, many second-home buyers want to diversify their financial portfolios.

There are approximately 7.9 million vacation homes and 41.1 million investment properties in the U.S. compared with 75.0 million owner-occupied homes. Vacation homes are in every state, with the most popular locations by the water or in the mountains.

Berkshire County in Western MA and Southern Vermont offer many of these highly desirable locations in abundance.  Vacation-home owners prefer close proximity to areas where they spend recreational time or to natural attractions such as National Parks, rivers and lakes.  Berkshire County and Southern Vermont are known for their premier snow skiing resorts, hiking trails, cultural attractions, educational institutions, rafting and white water rafting, biking trails, canoing, motor boating lakes and many other recreational activities. 

Half of the vacation homes purchased in 2009 were in the South with about 13% being in the North East including the New England States. 

The typical Berkshire vacation-home buyer in 2009 is 46 years old, earns a median household income of $87,500 and purchases a Berkshire property that is on a two-three hour drive  from his or her primary home; about one-third of vacation homes purchased were within 100 miles of the primary residence.  

Investment homes sales accounted for 17 percent of the overall market in 2009, down from 21 percent in 2008. The median investment home sold for $105,000 in 2009, which is 2.8 percent below 2008. Most investors purchased a home that was fairly close to their primary residence – about 24 miles. These investment homes most often are rental properties used for income and depreciation.

Demand for second homes will likely increase over the next decade .  About 40.1 million people in the U.S. are ages 50-59, which are some of the prime years for buying a second home. If you’re thinking about buying a vacation home in the Berkshires our Harsch Associates Berkshires Realtors®  live and work here.  We can provide you with valuable insight into the Berkshire County and Southern Vermont second home market. 

Source: National Associates of Realtors®

Berkshire Vintage Perfection. Adaptive Reuse Condominiums

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Adaptive Reuse is a process that adapts buildings for new uses while retaining their historic features.  The simplest example of architectural adaptive reuse is the antique barn resurrected as a unique and stunning new residential home.   Initially architects and structural engineers evaluate foundations, beams, columns and flooring to determine the stability of the building.  Once it is determined that the fundamental structure is sound the process of renovation begins.

The trend of adaptive reuse has caught on with a passion in larger metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. An outstanding example is   Chicago Soldier Field,   the Chicago Bears’ historic stadium.  The ability to reuse this site and adapt it to the requirements of a modern professional football stadium is impressive.    The Power House  is a fine example of adaptive reuse of a turn of the century steam plant located in Long Island City, New York.   Massachusetts boasts many adaptive reuse projects including Old City HallThe Apartments at Coolidge School in Watertown, MA, and The Atlas Lofts

The last two adaptive reuse projects are part of the Mitchell Properties LLC portfolio of adaptive reuse projects.  Their newest project coming online in 2010 is located in Williamstown MA.  Cable Mills Condominiums will be a community located in the Berkshires with stunning views of river, mountains and Williamstown.  A short two minute walk to the Taconic Golf Club, the Village center and Williams College are a few of the amenities that will make this development truly unique.  Berkshire Living Urban Style describes Cable Mills Condominiums.  The condominium residences comprise the style of the Boston Loft with the visual and sensual beauty of the Berkshires. 

Harsch Associates Real Estate a well know Berkshire Real Estate Brokerage firm is now taking reservations for Cable Mills Condominiums.  Whether a second home, a primary home, or an investment in the Berkshires you will appreciate the easy lifestyle that Cable Mills Condominiums offers. 

Harsch Associates Exclusive Broker for Cable Mills Condominiums

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