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Buying a Williamstown Home

Buyers Rule in 2011.  No doubt about it.  So you are considering buying a home in Williamstown?  Would you like to know what we have found in looking back over years of analytics about buyers in the Berkshires?

Who is looking for a home in Williamstown?  Why does Harsch Associates attract more buyers and what are the two most common questions they ask first?  We will be adding charts, data and more information that buyers need to know and that sellers should know.  Keep checking back this week as we add new info everyday.

What are the three largest cities with buyers looking for Berkshire Homes?  According to our analytics of over 1,000,000 hits on our Website the cities are : New York City, Chicopee MA (home of a large server for all of Massachusetts) and Williamstown MA.  The 5 top states sending real estate web searchers to Williamstown are Massachusetts, NY, CT, NJ, and CA. 

We will be adding more information about where your next buyer will most likely come from all week long.  Check back often.



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